From the Desk of Mary Beth…

In mid-July, six youth, Dano Abel from Christ Church UMC, and myself packed up our bags and flew to Kansas City, Missouri for the Youth 2019 Convention. We met up with 3,500 youth and youth leaders from the United States for four days of worship, bible study, workshops, ChurchCon (what the kids jokingly labeled the Exhibition Hall), and fun. We even got to try some Kansas City barbeque. The event was huge, amazing, and tiring – but I think each of us came out of it with a renewed heart for God.

For many of us our favorite part of the week was the “Big Worship”. Each night everyone would gather in the Convention Center Arena and worship God through music, devotions, and prayer. The worship band was called Army of Light (from Phoenix, AZ) and their music was so powerful. Every once in a while the lead singer would stop singing to allow the youth to sing out. Being in a stadium full of 3,000 youth singing praises to God was incredible.

The first night of worship there was a small group of guys sitting next to us. Whenever the music was playing they would stand up and start dancing the Macarena. We kept watching them and laughing but then started to see other groups slowly join in. By the last night of worship I looked around the stadium and saw thousands of kids dancing the Macarena with them. Although the sight made me laugh really hard it also reminded me that this is exactly how the power of God works. God touches a few people who spread the word to a few more and pretty soon you have a domino effect. And instead of thousands of people dancing a silly dance, you have disciples going out into the world to spread the amazing love of God. I hope that the youth from this trip will do the same – take the lessons they learned from this week and pass it on to the people of Tucson. Each of us were truly blessed to be on this trip so I hope we can continue to bless others by sharing what we learned.

We had a remarkable week. Thank you to the Catalina community, friends and family that made this trip possible! And remember to #LOVEWELL.

In Christ,
Mary Beth