From the Desk of Matt…


Summer is a strange season in Arizona.  Personally, I think (particularly when I lived in Phoenix) we only live in two seasons here:  Hot and Not So Hot.  The reason I say summer is a strange season here, is because we go back to a lot of our fall and winter routines long before cooler weather signs remind us when we are actually moving into a new season.

For those of you with children at home, your summer is officially over this week and the next by the kids going back to school.  For you the fall routines and activities will definitely start to ramp up.  For others the “changing over” mindset will probably be more like after Labor Day.  For you summer may be winding down and there might be time to get in one last trip or vacation.  For those who are no longer tied down with family or work obligations, summer can last much longer with opportunities to live in cooler places until things seem a little more bearable.

Even within our churches and faith communities, there is also a seasonal ebb and flow.  Summer is a slower pace for our life together.  Some of us go away for trips and vacations, some of us curtail our activity and time together to just have down time.  Some of us migrate to different parts of the country until things do cool down.

Our seasonal clocks are all a little different, but in the short time I have been here at Catalina, I can already see signs of activity and life together starting to move into a higher gear.  The joy I have in that is the anticipation of wondering what good things God has in store for us as we journey together in this next chapter of our lives and in our lives together.   My joy also comes in knowing that more of you who have been away will soon be coming back.  I look forward to meeting you.

As the “new kid on the block,” I have felt very welcomed here and I enjoy how you have embraced my family.  I am thankful for the groundwork that Dottie and Jamie laid out to help in this transition.  Our whole staff is a talented and dedicated group that I am excited to be working and serving alongside in Christ’s name.  At Catalina, I have sensed a welcoming and joyful spirit in your relationship to God and to each other.   You have an openness and trust to see what dreams the Holy Spirit will stir up in us.  This is a great place to be at an exciting time!

So, whether “Fall” is coming for you in the next few weeks or in the next few months, let’s be in prayer thanking God for the good things He has in store for us as we have found and continue to discover the joy of being a faith family together at Catalina.

Pastor Matt