Dear Catalina,

On Saturday, August 18th Catalina will be hosting an online extension of The School of Congregational Development. This event is a yearly training for United Methodists, and they will do an online training component for those who are near to Tucson.

The online event is focusing on Sacred Worship and on Strategy. The speakers for Saturday are excellent and will be well worth your time. As a leader of Catalina, I would like to invite you to come and learn from the experts so that we can utilize our learnings for Catalina. Your leadership matters greatly, and I am confident that your presence and knowledge will help us as we move forward. Please feel free to invite others from Catalina and other congregations as well. It takes all of us to create positive change.

You can register at this site: The cost is $29.00. The event will be from 8am to 1:25pm. Pastor Jamie will be onsite at Catalina to host us, and I will be teaching at the event in San Diego.

Thank you for taking time on a Saturday to invest in our church. My prayers, my thoughts, and my love are with you.

Faith, hope, & love,