I moved to Tucson approximately two years ago from Kentucky.  There are many differences between the two places.  However, one of the major difference is the weather.  Kentucky has four distinct seasons. Every October, I watched as the leaves changed to beautiful colors and fell to the ground.   During the Winter, it was bitterly cold and the plants were dormant under the snow.  However, as it warmed up again during the Spring, new life sprang forth; trees sprouted new leaves and flowers bloomed everywhere.  As I moved to Tucson, I learned that it has a different seasonal rhythm.   Tucson is a desert with moderate winters, scorching summers, and monsoon rains.  Although they’re different, they’re both beautiful in their own ways.

In the same way, there are different seasons in our spiritual lives.  At times, we find ourselves in places in our lives where our souls are flourishing like the plants during the monsoon rains.  At other points, we find ourselves in places where our souls feel dead like the middle of winter in Kentucky or parched like the 110 summer days in Tucson.

I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to stay in a season of the soul that is warm and sunny with a gentle breeze.  If I could, I would stay there forever.  Yet, this is not how life works.  Just like the weather, God knew that we need all of the seasons so our souls can be healthy and grow.  We also lose appreciation for the good seasons without the more difficult seasons.  God is at work during every season of our lives.  Whatever season you’re in today, I’d encourage you to find the blessings that God is providing and give thanks.

May the Spirit quench and nourish your soul like a good, soaking monsoon rain!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jamie