• UMW - UMM Fall Brunch September 9, 2017

  • Health Care presentation with Oscar Diaz - March 4, 2017


The United Methodist Men is open to all men and guests who meet regularly for breakfast, fellowship, and service to others following the principles of Methodism founder Charles Wesley. Bring a friend and join us for these informative programs! From September through May the United Methodist Men meet on the first Saturday of each month for breakfast and presentation by a guest speaker. Programs are engaging and thought provoking such as diversity of Tucson history including Mormon pioneers & refugees status in Our current America, affordable housing,  impact of pharmaceutical science, astronomy in Tucson and current affairs.

  Start the New Year with Todd Eanes, a Catalina Member, who has worked as an executive chef feeding upwards of a 1,000 personnel wintering over in the Antarctic!   A real adventure!

George Hanson gave a very interesting talk December 9 about the Tucson Desert Song Festival which begins January 16 – February 4, 2018.  This year the theme is the music of Leonard Bernstein and transformation of music in America.There are venues every day during the festival. Check out the website for times and locations: www.tucsondesertsongfestival.org

Our speaker  February 4, 2017 was Dr. Diana Sammataro a world expert on apiary (bees) culture, economics.  This is $29 Billion dollar industry.   There are huge challenges from tracheal mites to insecticides and fungicides which disturb the microbiome of the bees stomaches!    Not dissimilar to the problem in humans with  C. difficle and wide spread antibiotic uses.   In the U. S. there has been a 25% drop or colony collapse.   This is a very serious problem for many industries.  Also we as consumers like symmetrical apples so if only one side of the blossom is pollinated the apple  will be misshapen.   Hence, those go to apple juice!  Same for cucumbers.   Cost to growers is rising! So expect higher prices.   Thank you for this enlightening presentation!

January 7, 2017 Sudhanshu Singh, Product Manager, Mining Trucks for Caterpillar was our presenter!  Caterpillar is a world wide leader with products from Siberia to Australia.  One scoop shovel can lift 100 tons of ore!   Lead time from decision to order a haul truck to actual production in the mine ranges from 5 months to 8 or 9 months.  Every week there are visitors to Caterpillar in Tucson that brings revenue for hotels, restaurants, and airlines.  There will be a very strong impact to Tucson.