Adult Ministries

Set us afire, Lord,

Stir us, we pray!

While the world perishes

We go our way,

Purposeless, passionless,

Day after day.

Set us afire, lord,

Stir us, we pray

by Ralph S. Chushman

 The Holy Spirit is stirred within us when we study scripture and pray, not only as individuals, but in community as well.  The community helps us to be accountable to those things we say are important to witnessing for Christ, but we often forget about when we leave the church campus.  So this day, and every day after, I pray that we are set afire in some way.  We offer adult Bible Studies here at Catalina along with Mission Projects, worship, fellowship.  We are open to all people (which we define as ALL people, no exceptions…so yes, that means you!) and new ways of deepening our spiritual journey.  Call me with questions, comments and suggestions.


Deaconess Marjie Hrabe

Adult Ministries Coordinator

520.327.4296 ext. 115

 Bible Studies: Classes are available on Sundays at 9:00 and 10:10 beginning September 25th, 2016. Please come join us.