Pastoral Care

Our Pastors are dedicated to serving our church family and look forward to being with you whenever they are needed.

If You Are Hospitalized

Please call the church office if you are hospitalized or if you have an emergency. The pastors make regular hospital visits and would be honored to call on you and pray with you during your hospital stay. Please do not hesitate to ask.

If You Lose A loved One

A very important part of our pastor’s ministry is to be with you and your family during the loss of a loved one. They will offer God’s strength and companionship, answer questions, and help you plan a service to celebrate the life of your loved one.

If You Need Counseling

We are here for you if you need counseling regarding a spiritual issue, a family matter, or a concern in your life. We can also refer you to a professional counseling agency.

If You Are Getting Married

A marriage is a special celebration. Our pastors will be delighted to assist you in the planning of your wedding and also provide premarital counseling. We also have a talented wedding coordinator that will assist you with the wedding ceremony.