• Quimby IV Manual / 57 Rank Console

  • Chancel pipe Facade

  • Each rank has 61 pipes; 32 in pedal divisions

New Pipe Organ for Catalina!

The Shirley and Ralph Morgan Memorial Organ was dedicated on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014.  This wonderful addition to the musical tradition of Catalina was brought to fruition with many donations  from numerous church members and friends of music at Catalina United Methodist Church.

Here is a list of the tonal Specifications for the Quimby Opus 70 IV Manual  57 Rank Organ:

Tonal specs for organ

Ken Cowan  excerpt from Danse Macabre performed at the dedicatory concert on May 2, 2014

Concert series for 2016-2017 include Raul Prieto Ramirez, Jan Kraybill and Thomas Mellan.   The 2017- 2018 season will feature  Olivier Latry,  Katelyn Emerson, and David Enlow.   See Organ Festival webpage: http://catalinamethodist.org/ministries/music-art/catalina-organ-festival/

Isabelle Demers was our guest on January 23, 2015.  Video clip below is from Rachel Laurin  ‘Variations on an Old Baylor Line”