Catalina Organ Festival 2017-2018

Bringing another kind of food to the hungry…

The importance of music at Catalina cannot be over-emphasized.  Apart from the voices of the worshipers and the choirs, it is the organ that is cherished for its unique breath…used for musically expressing and sharing our faith. On Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014 the Quimby Opus 70 IV manual / 57 Rank Shirley and Ralph Morgan Memorial Organ was dedicated.  Ken Cowan from Rice University Shepherd School of Music gave the dedicatory concert on May 2, 2014.

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The Catalina Organ Festival was established in 2014 with a winter series of 3 major concerts and a summer ‘In From the Heat’ luncheon and recital in June, July, and August.  The organ festival has recently hosted international organists such as: Isabelle Demers, Christopher Houlihan, Dorothy Papadakos, Peter Krasinski, Raul Prieto Ramirez, Jan Kraybill, Thomas Mellan, and a host a regional players for the summer series:  Emma Whitten, Janet Tolman with Grant Lange,trumpet, Jeffrey Campbell, David Horr, Margaret Martin Kvamme, Paul Lee, Skye Hart, Dennis Grannan, Jared Isaac Aragon with Samivaya and David Ramirez on flute, Douglas Leightenheimer, Pamela Decker, Woosug Kang, to name a few who have graced the chancel with their talents.

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