We believe each person is gifted by God to serve in the church in a unique way! You will not experience the spiritual growth and fulfillment in your life that God intends for you without finding your unique place to plug into the work that God is doing in the world. Being a Christian and part of the church is about MORE than sitting (no matter how good and meaningful the worship is!)–it is also about SERVING!  How can you best serve God and the church?

Here is our process to help you find your unique place of service:

1-You take the gifts assessment.
2-You read the Inner-View form and think through the questions and jot down some answers.
3-You call Marjie (326-4296) and schedule a time to talk.
4-We discuss areas of ministry that might coincide with your gifts and background.
5-We identify areas of ministry you may be interested in or want to try.
6-You get connected with a ministry leader of an area of ministry you want to try.
7-We get together and discuss how it went and explore further participation.

So…FIRST take the Spiritual Gifts Discovery Assessment.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment


An email will automatically be sent to Richard with your results. Also, as you view your results, you can click on the different gifts and read a profile that describes that gift and how you might function in the church in more detail.

SECOND, read this document called “Inner-View“.  It gives you several questions to think through.

THIRD, contact Richard (info above) and agree on a time to discuss your gifts and possible ways you can experiment with serving in the church.