Set Up a Recurring Gift!

You can keep your contributions coming even when you are away!  We are all busy and we will be away from worship from time to time. You can set up a regular schedule of giving so your contributions support God’s work here at Catalina even when you can’t be here!  Here’s how you do it:

1-Go to and click on “Donate” in the top right corner.



2-Sign on the the secure giving page.

A. If you already have created an online giving profile on the Catalina website, enter your email address and password.


B. If you have not given online to Catalina before, click “Create profile”.


3-Follow the prompts to enter your name, address, email address and to create a password. You will also enter your payment information, either a credit or debit card, or a bank account.

4-After you have finished creating your profile (you only have to do this one time), you are taken to this screen. Simply click “Add transaction”.


5-You will be taken to this screen. You simply make a few choices.
A-What fund do you want to contribute to? Most of you will choose “General Budget Fund”. This is the money that funds the operations of Catalina United Methodist Church and its ministries to others.
B-Donation Frequency Choose “one time”, “weekly” or “monthly”. To make this a RECURRING gift, choose weekly or monthly, and your contribution will come to Catalina every week or month, whichever you choose.
C-Choose a donation start date. The date you choose will be the date your contribution is drawn from the card/account and sent to Catalina. If you choose weekly and January 20, then each Wednesday of the week, your contribution would be sent to Catalina. If you choose monthly and January 20 for the start date, then each month on the 20th, your contribution would be sent to Catalina.
D-Click “Continue” and you have finished! You will receive a confirmation email.